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Games with body/item drop from PvP

DotnetDotnet Member Posts: 34

Ok so here are the ones I know of. If you know any more please add, I will update this list. 


Darkfall - full loot upon death/pk.

Legend of Mir 2 - random items from bag drop when PKed

Eve - I believe this has item drops in terms of once your ship is destroyed items can be salvaged from other players

Mortal Online - again full loot upon death/pk


  • HaliaxHaliax Member Posts: 18

    I believe you are correct about EvE and its loot system.   Also, as much as I hate to mention it...Runescape drops all but three items in your inventory upon death/pk.

  • LynxJSALynxJSA Member RarePosts: 3,233

    Asheron's Call

    Ultima Online

    Puzzle Pirates

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  • ZorlacZorlac Member Posts: 101

    Does Lineage II still have a chance of item drop after PK?

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