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Sanctum, Strategy + Collectible Card game MMO

Hey all,

Anyone else here try Sanctum? It's an online strategy game that uses cards, and like 10+ different factions(houses), in it, its really fun, reminded me of a mix between Magic the Gathering, and a board game mixes with animated spells/monsters and whatnot.

Its a pretty old game, maybe 12+ years old? i used to play it back on dialup in 99'... but i been gettin back into it and need more ppl to play against

If anyone's bored and likes a good strategy/collectible game i really reccomend trying it out, it's free too can buy more cards if you want to get into it, but starter decks are really fun still.

I'm Phylox or Spaznutz if you wana play a game hit me up!

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