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withdrawal symptomes

Squal'ZellSqual'Zell Member Posts: 1,803


well its the holidays... and i am at my parent's house (until the 4rth of jan) and i dont have any kind of gaming rig.

i told myself i would not bring my PC to play here and i knew my parents didnt have a computer that can run... well anything...  just so i can take a little break of gaming and spend some time with mum and dad (since they wont be around forever) even though i might . to make things worse i got some 1GB DDR3 ATI video card upgraded from my 512 DDR2 NVIDEA as a gift from all of them. that i cant use, its driving me INSANE!!!!! i cant play eve, and i cant play DDO, i can play CSS or day of defeat! BLARHG!

im not saying that spending time with my family is useless but i have come to the conclusion that i am a gaming addict and no im not going to change.

who else has some holiday gaming dryspell?

P.S. those who say im not with family now (they are all sleeping) as gamers yourself you should know that 1AM is still early, specially when you have nothing the next day.


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