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Try this COOL game!!

akucrazeakucraze Member Posts: 1

Its my 1st thread in this network...

so i would like to say something bout zodiac online, it a cool game. a game where people din have to hurry kill mobs bcozs to avoid being 'ks' by other. Its quite a fair game, more people in a team more mobs but this game have a quest where a stronger level player dominate others by hijaking! Cool game as i said for the tittle, a hijack system and its pk system in private ways (which means pk people without being watch by others(optional btw)(-.-'') ). The best thing is bout it money, theres 3:

1st - Coins

Coins is use when to buy from NPC like potion n etc...

2nd - Golds

Its use when trade with other player, so people doesnt have to use its coins for a superior equipment n etc...

3rd - Platinum

Use for purchase item from MALL ( a special mall where we need to use real money for it ) but there is some event where people can get it free!

The best thing is the growing weapon system, more like growing equipment ( as for my thought ). A weapon that can level up? cool isnt? So player might wondering how to get it, is it worth to use it for low lvl weapon n etc.

So as a conclusion people should try this game!! here its website check it out its free btw 

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