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Wonderland online review

AlstorAlstor Member Posts: 19

Ok, i see this forum is dead and i don't care if no one read this but in the case someone read it cause he want to play and don't know the game i hope this riview become usefull, i been playing for more than one year so i know many of this great game. I will start saying about the company, is not a greedy company who always are stalking people so they can get money from them, at least in my year and a half experience in this game i never had the obligation of buying something from the IM (item mall) or anything like that, of course you can get cool things from IM, and right now is a must that you need to buy training tickets if you are a high lvl (+150 or reborn) of course you can play without that but is more job. Ok thats the only bad stuff about the game, but if you have tons of gold in game you always can buy training tickets from other players, also another important thing to say is that you will find many discounts and tons of events in the game like the favorite of everyone: double experience event.

Now i´m gonna talk about the class system, here is no class system, only elements that you choose at the beginning when you create your character, so you can choose from any of the 4 elements: fire, water, earth and wind. Every element has his own skills, pros and weakness, fire is pure strength and beat wind, but water beat fire, water is the healing element and is beaten by earth, earth is for tanks due to great defense and are weaken to winds, winds are great in speed and good in power (only at higher lvls, they are the second more powerful element, fire are the firsts) and are strong against earth.

The history of the game is not very deep or mysterious as other games, you are a normal person in a cruiser but then suddenly a shipwreck occurs and you only get lost in the sea, and you are saved by some one called "Robinson" (the game have references to movies and/or literature), once you been saved by "Robinson" and explored the small isle you go to "Starter Beach", the reunion place for many high levels and your adventure begin...

Some important thing to say is that you can get powerfull pets (animal or human) i prefer human pets, are stronger than animal pets but you don't get bonus for riding, anyway you can tame a creature and make it your pet to train it or sell.

Another important thing to say is that you don´t get gold by killing mobs or anything like that, the only way you can get gold is selling items you get by killing mobs or fishing (yes, you can fish too), or sell items (weapons, armor...), pets, furniture to other players (you need to be lvl 10 at least) as far as the game go you can do multiple quests at a time in many parts of the world, kelan is your first village where you get familiar to some game aspects, like stars (the most important item in the game, almost every skill non-elemental of the game have a star cost, but don't worry, is not an IM item XD) and pets.

The graphics are good (not perfect, but are detailed in some cases, and great pics when you do some quests or a respective action) and you don´t need a last generation pc to run it (i tested the game in a windows 98 pc and worked very good), another good stuff about the game is that you can have many clients open (but 1 account per client, very usefull for collecting, selling or lvling) and every account can have 2 characters.

If you like to take your time and enjoy chating you can do it when you are manufacturing items or furniture in home (you get your home called "tent" at the beggining whit the astrologer) and make your home look "cute" ¬¬ anyway i use mine for selling items and food while i´m training. The game have a friend system located in a button called social (shortcut is Ctrl+e) where you can have 49 friends (50 but cupid dosn't count), this system is for send messages to other people, also guild system (whit the same option as the friends and nothing very important).

The "new" version 5 called "Glory of the Empire" (i like the title) have great options like marriage system (now you can marry in holy village church) of course this is not free (again don't worry, you don't have to pay real money) for the fee of 60k (60,000) gold per character you can marry (divorce have a cost of 200k) and characters need to be at least lvl 30.

When the version 4 came instance mode was available, is a very interesting way to earn equip and other stuff you normally are unable to get (like experience potions or alchemy books), also you can meet other people. I almost forgot to talk about the compound system, is a complex system of making items and equips, i´m not very good whit the alchemy so i´m only going to say that there are three lvls of alchemy: primary, junior and superior, every alchemy is from a quest and can be raised.

Is a game you can play in team or solo, but you will always have something to do, the game have weakly events like Golden Compass, Q&A (question and answer), band of brothers, a very important and difficult event every friday called 15th rounds where you have to pass the 15 rounds so you can get cool prices (high lvl people use it to get exp pills), the PK battle, trojan war and other events depending on season.

Finally i will talk about pk system, you can pk any player who have opened this option (is easy to find noobs about lvl 20-60 who have open this option) i have some things to argue about pk system, cause sometimes is very unfair, fire element is the most abundant and wind elements at high lvls are hard to find, in a battle of fire vs wind is very hard a wind can beat the fire, first  the fire can in 1 strike kill and spawn the wind char to some point of the world due to elemental power, 2 cause the wind don't have many str, so if the fire is a high lvl you are gonna need a lot of strikes to kill it (at least wind have the skill vanish so he can't be hit by any physical attack for 3 rounds counting the casting turn), and 3 the fires have their skill hot fire so they can greatly increase their atk and matk, in any case if the wind is still alive he can be killed whit blood suck (in case he was vanished) or whit any other melee attack. Anyway team pk is fun and full of strategy.  

I will finish by telling thanks for read this and i hope you get interested in the game by this review, and i apologize for any grammar mistake (i don't talk english), in my opinion is a very good game, don't have big graphics but don't need it and the wdl comunnity is always active, so you will have a good playing experience.

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