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Hellgate Tokyo: Resurrection

majimaji Member UncommonPosts: 2,091

Remember Hellgate London? The 3D-Diablo game that was hyped for several years, and then was so horrible that the company that made it got bancrupt? Back then I made the mistake of preordering the game. When I then got it, I couldn't play it. I couldn't just play it badly, but it was really actually and totally unplayable.

Several years later a bunch of the bugs got fixed, and I enjoyed some of the gameplay, though it was still hampered by some severe design mistakes. And since the company that made the game got bancrupt, there are no servers left to play it on. You can play it in singleplayer, but the multiplayer died together with the company (not even a LAN-mode exists).

Anyway, today I noticed that soon a modified Hellgate London will be released. The game was bought by some korean company, that made changes to the game, already did beta testing it seems and releases it in short future. If I read it currectly, the game will now take place in Tokyo instead of London or something.


I'm not quite sure to think of it. In the end, once nearly all bugs got fixed, I kind liked the game. Except that the multiplayer was gone and there is no talent respec (means you could create new chars just to try out a skill) and the other problems that persisted.

Would I pay for Hellgate Tokyo? Actually I'm not sure. The moment I got the game after preordering it was just such a horrible diappointment. Not to mention that the game had a focus on multiplayer, which means that the death of the company also killed

most of the game, and there is little to nothing left for your money.

But as said, after having given the company a year or so to fix the bugs it was still kinda enjoyable, especially the music was great and the graphics were fine too, and the tons of ways you could tun your equipment. I'm not sure though if I'd pay for a korean mod.

Anyone else got any experience with the game and an opinion on Hellgate Tokyo?

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  • BloodaxesBloodaxes Member EpicPosts: 4,523

    I would probably get it after trying a demo of the game.

    I actually enjoyed hellgate london even though I got it after the servers went down so played only the single player version but still it wasn't that bad and would have loved if they made some way for people to implement mods in it say maybe coop in single player but anyways.

  • championsFanchampionsFan Member Posts: 419

    I only ever played Hellgate solo, but my main problem with it was that the game was behind the times.   Between diablo2 and hellgate, games got more cinematic and less repetitive.  Grinding random dungeons in 3d was too old fashion for my taste by the time hellgate appeared.

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  • NotoriousXNotoriousX Member UncommonPosts: 197

    i played Hellgate london Beta and the servers where up then so the population was good but what i didnt like was that it wasnt a 100% free world, every door you entered you where gonna see the LOADING screen and the pvp...the was no pvp unless you wanna have a friendly duel, all these things disappointed me  and after several levels i stopped playing the game, and then i've heard that the company and the game where shut down and it was no surprise to me 



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  • Me and some of my mates got Hellgate London. Only one of my friends got a subs while we other just brought the game. To be honest we only played for a couple of weeks before we all quit.

    But where Hellgate: London failed, did Borderlands deliver. Me and my mates have more fun in Borderlands then we ever had i Hellgate: London.

    Because Hellgate: London was so bad was one of the reason why I will never try anything there share something with the same again and I advice other do to the same.

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