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[H-US-Ghostlands] 4/12 ICC10 5/5 ToC25 8pm-12am EST Mon/Wed/Thur

tiapherestiapheres Member Posts: 74

Ominoso Latim Nome of US-Ghostlands is looking for reliable DPS for Icecrown 25 and beyond.

We are 5/5 in ToC 25 man and 10 man as well as 4/4 ICC10 & 1/5 ToGC10. We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday from 7:00 pm to 11:00 pm CST (server time). We use DKP for 25 mans and /rolls with a Master Looter for 10 mans. Current class needs:

Druid: Balance, Feral

Hunter: Marks, Survival

Mage: Arcane, Fire

Paladin: Ret

Priest: Shadow

Rogue: Assassination, Combat

Warrior: Arms

We're always looking for top-notch players so even if your class/spec isn't listed as a current need, feel free to apply.

For more information contact Fatetaker, Kinkstah, Kelvina or Markerrus in-game or visit our website:

Fatetaker Voidwalker
Linkshell founder of Shi Ryu of Aegis & Figaro
Leader of the Bad Wolves Multi Game Community

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