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E6850 Heat.

DeathreatDeathreat Member UncommonPosts: 143

So I noticed my temps are alittle toasty on my E6850 dual core cpu. Around 40-45c at idle and around 70c at 100% load on each core while playing Dragon age at 1920x1080 in HD at max settings. I underclocked my PC to 2ghz from 3ghz and the temps are still the same. Should I reseat my CPU and get a new hsf or are these temps reasonable? I heard alot of places that e6850s are hot running CPUs.


  • XerithXerith Member Posts: 970

    Yea thats a little toasty, mine get up to about 45 under full load. If this is something that has only been happening lately, check 2 things.

    1. Make sure your heat sink didnt come lose from the mobo. If you have one of the plastic screw connector ones, this can happen and cause the cpu and the heatsink so have a poor connection, meaning heat isnt being pulled away at a fast enough rate.

    2. Youre thermal paste may have worn out. If you havnt placed your own on their, chances are you have the stock crap they put on when they build your machine. The way to see if its worn out is pretty simple, pop off youre heat sink and check the paste. If it is still gooey it should be ok. If it is showing signs of hardening then it is reaching the end of its life span and you need to reapply.

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