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EkibiogamiEkibiogami Member UncommonPosts: 2,154

Sorry about the caps was a little Excited :P



Pre-purchase Global Agenda on Steam and receive the following benefits:

Participate in the Global Agenda Beta – Players that pre-order will gain access to Global Agenda beta events in January. Note that the beta servers are available for play only during specific play test windows, and that tests may be limited to only certain game features. To participate in the Global Agenda beta, you must register your Product Key online at the Global Agenda website following your pre-purchase. Registered beta participants will receive specific test instructions prior to each Closed Beta test event, as the events are announced.



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  • GrushdevaGrushdeva Member Posts: 2

    I'm curious, is there any difference between the Special Edition game and the regular steam download, other than the actual box, art work booklet, and poster?

  • ZukanZukan Member Posts: 161
    Originally posted by Grushdeva

    I'm curious, is there any difference between the Special Edition game and the regular steam download, other than the actual box, art work booklet, and poster?


    It's the same game, you just get extra goodies with the collector's such as the art book a poster etc etc.

  • shepx22shepx22 Member Posts: 133

    Yep I pre-ordered yesterday :)


    I been watching on Steam on a week now, saw they had the Pre-order page ready and finally went live yesterday. Now to wait til January for next round of beta(s) :)

  • GrushdevaGrushdeva Member Posts: 2

    Ya, same with me.  I've been lurking on this game's site since July or something, so I'm definitely stoked that there's an actual release date and a chance to play from the pre-order.

  • ozy1ozy1 Member Posts: 309

    Been stung in the past for pre-ordering games then they turn out to be crap.

    I'll wait and see with this one, see what the masses say.

    Playing Darkfall EU1 Server

  • jdnewelljdnewell Member UncommonPosts: 2,237

    I am pretty excited about this game. I as a rule dont preorder anything, but I might make an exception for this one.

    Hopefully will turn out to be as good as it looks.

  • richruzzrichruzz Member UncommonPosts: 20

    Same here I am definitely excited, but most recently I pre-ordered about 3 games I was excited for and they ended up being crap. :(

    Been in that beta list for a looong loong time since they started even, would be nice to cut that shadow of doubt from the back of my mind so I can pre-order it and be excited for release.

  • EruielEruiel Member UncommonPosts: 75

    So far, theres only one argument to win against all...It's genuinly pvp oriented, what else should be there? :p Of course there are many things needed to polish but what game doesn't? And the news say that there will basically be betas everyday starting from jan 7 so...by the time it is actually released it should be at least a decently presenteable game...all in all, it wont fail like all the other games who have crappy pve and zero pvp or crappy pvp and zero pve :p

  • shepx22shepx22 Member Posts: 133

    I agree Eruiel.


    Being the game is a Mix between Halo/Tribes and has Alliance vs Alliance with Agencys and  100 levels, game is going to be a blast. One of the few games that are being Developed/Beta that I'm actually anxious to play. I made only 1 mistake prior to pre-orderering a game and that was Fallen Earth. That was a waste of $50 and this game isnt even that much so thats a big positive off the bat.

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