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Posting due to surprise (Brings back memories of SNES days)

I must say that this game is rather fun to start out with. Only played it for about a week, and maybe an hour or so or less a day. I must say that the ability to hook it up and do nearly every function with a gamepad is pretty awesome. Very repeatative game so it probly won't hold my interest for very long, but very clever game, and just brought back some memories of the oldies. 


  • AeroangelAeroangel Member UncommonPosts: 493

    Haven't tried a gamepad yet, but might give it a shot. I've been frantically mashing keys all over my keyboard trying to get big combos and to get a good score on missions, lol.

    I'm really loving this game so far, and I think I will be playing it for a while. Graphics are cute and gorgeous, action packed and interesting game play, many elements like pvp/dungeons/professions/pets/apparel, very nice interface, decent story line, reasonable level cap. Soloing in this game isn't bad as even a healer, and grouping is encouraged and rewarded. I think of it as a much better 3D version of Maple Story, but to be fair after I installed Maple Story a year or so ago it couldn't hold my attention after a couple hours of game play.

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