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Server Update for 12-15-09

AFvetAFvet Member Posts: 4

This notice is for the players of The Earth & BeyondTM Emulator.


For those of you who look here to  find this: Here is the current server status update for December 15th 2009.

Play1= In operation but login not possible  Play2= Down  Dev/TS/Forum/Petition System=Down

Currently the Play server is down. Players are unable to log into the E&B Emulator and the issue *appears* to be hardware related --at least-- so far.


We appear to be plagued with issues today. We are having what appears to be a DNS issue with the forums and the TeamSpeak. The 'faithful' are gathering on AF_Vet's Friends Ventrilo. Please PM for server information. Server development staff are completely aware of the issues that are occurring and are working as quickly as possible to restore services.


Please check back frequently for updates. I will post again as soon as the server issues are resolved.

Thank you all for  your patience and consideration.


This notice is for the players of The Earth & BeyondTM Emulator.

Earth And Beyond Emulator


  • GrygoreGrygore Member UncommonPosts: 26

    Thanks for the update! I had some free time today and was wondering what was up with the server and forums. Hope you guys get everything resolved ok

  • FathertymeFathertyme Member Posts: 1

    Hope to get this resolved in the meantime check your PM's so i can get the server info for Ventrilo please.

    Thanx  Fathertyme


    In game AKA  Windtalker






  • ToreavaToreava Member Posts: 1

    Thanks for the info and good luck.

  • KlydeKlyde Member Posts: 38

    Thanks for the update AFvet.

    I was beginning to think something really bad had happened... well, worse than what did happen anyway. :P


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