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Stretchy powers? What else hasn't been done yet?

Stretchy-ness would be the ultimate travel power and would make for a fun skill set that would set DCUO apart. With characters like Plasticman and J'onn in the lineup of npcs do you think we'll see it?

What other powers do you think should to be visited in mmo form that have so far been neglected?

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  • SortisSortis Member Posts: 193

     I personally hope to see a batman gadget type powerset.

    Deadpool(to "Daredevil): See how you like it when I smack you with an interspatial distorter that will temporarily phase your brain into Dimension X!

    "Daredevil": This is an ipod with a piece of masking tape attached to it.

    Deadpool: It is...Ah, but for a second there, you were really worried!

    "Daredevil": Idiot.

  • jay13jay13 Member Posts: 6

     What about growth and shrinking like Giant Man or Wasp. I don't  think I've seen those before.

  • HathiHathi Member Posts: 236

     I've said it before - If DC universe really wants to stand apart - give us motor vehichles at launch. A gadget car like batman, an emote where you call in your remote helicopter or plane and a ladder drops down to take you away or A teleporter "beam me up" emote which then the game allows you to travel as a futuristic ship through the city. A flaming motorcycle like Ghost rider.

    Another neat travel power could be electric form. You travel along powerlines and exit through lamps and outlets.

    Don't forget shapeshifting. Why hasn't any superhero game really addressed shapeshifting? Sure the past games let you take on a form temporarily, but can't there be a shapeshifting powerset?

    Finally - Best site for Chuck Norris

  • ZakaneZakane Member UncommonPosts: 71

    I'd say Superspeed as a full powerset and not just gimicky travel power.

  • tehikktehikk Member Posts: 497

    Anyone ever thought of a power like the one from Jumper?

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