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Divinity 2-Ego Draconis



  • runeofmagicruneofmagic Member Posts: 16

    European RPG devs teams will rule 2010..

    Two games to rule them all and in the darkness bind them..



    Divinity 2 Ego Draconis has already set the ball rolling.


    DAO who! oh yeah tha't that linear box that BioWare are calling a" successer" to BG1....not.


  • FdzzaiglFdzzaigl Member UncommonPosts: 2,433

    I've been messing around in it for a bit now, it's a refreshing experience indeed, although by no means better than DA:O imo.

    It really is a rough gem, but that often also means a good deal of laughing and fun while you figure out how to do stuff, and excitement when you grasp the possibilities (and there's a lot of those in Divinity 2).


    Dragon Age and Bioware's RPG's are still better in working out the world and the characters in it though, although they're also a lot more linear than this (some people will enjoy the bigger freedom you have).


    Still, a great effort for a small company like Larian; good to see some games developed on the home front (they're located very close to where I live), I think they really could get up there with the best of the best if their games catch on (sadly, marketing could be better, it even took some time to find it here in Belgium, where they're located).

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  • BrianshoBriansho Member UncommonPosts: 3,586
    Originally posted by Zorvan01

    I've read the Larian forums, specifically the technical section. If the U.S. release is as big a bug-filled POS as the other releases apparently are, I'll pass. Dragon Age was a big enough disappointment that I paid for.


    I have the game and unfortunately have the stuttering no matter what I set my graphics at. I'm going to try to tweak my PC setting this weekend and see what happens.

    Don't be terrorized! You're more likely to die of a car accident, drowning, fire, or murder! More people die every year from prescription drugs than terrorism LOL!

  • JosherJosher Member Posts: 2,818

     Tried the demo.  Its optimized like crap.  I'm playing Modern Warfare2 on High and Dragon Age on Max settings, but Divinity2 runs horribly and doesn't look any better.  The animation is just bad, which basically kills it for me.  Nothing about the demo made me want to buy the game.

  • ScorchienScorchien Member LegendaryPosts: 8,914
    Originally posted by Thenarius

    I discovered this little rough gem today while surfing the internet and I was like "Meh, why the hell not, it's pretty cheap anyway".

    I think it's a great ARPG, a fresh air from Bioware's RPGs and slow-paced MMOs.

    I heard many people got problems with optimisations but it works pretty well on my low-end i7 comp, so I don't complain.

    Truth is, I had a lot more fun than I had in Dragon Age.


    Cosign , had much more fun , with Divinty 2 than i did DA... Great Game ............


     And have had 0 problems running this game on high settings , make sure you get all the updates ..

  • The_EndlessThe_Endless Member Posts: 9

    Visit the following website for the latest patch.


    Visit this site for Dvinity 2 First Aid kit - check list of things that can make the game run better - and be sure to follow the requirements in the game folder ...



  • ArtaiosArtaios Member UncommonPosts: 550

    Divine Divinity was such a nice game.
    But Ego Draconis ist just boring.

  • The_EndlessThe_Endless Member Posts: 9

    News about an addon for Ego Draconis for those who are interested:


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