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Wanting to return to game: some advice?

Hi there, thanks for visiting my post.

I'm thinking of returning to SWG in wake of my antisipation of The Old Republic. I used to play SWG about a year or so ago. There was never any real reason why I stopped other then the fact that i suddenly became interested in a bunch of other offline games.

I realise SWG is not the best mmo out there. but currenlty, its the only Star Wars mmo out there... that i know of.

Anyway, the point here is that I want to return, but i know there have probably been a bunch of changes since i last played. most notably the closing of 12 servers or something... I just want to know if there is anything mayjor that i should be aware of. I heard bria is currenlty the most populated surver?

And while Im thinking of it: I'm a pretty layed back, casuall sort of gamer. please drop me a line if any guildies are looking to recruit any new members.




  • KazaraKazara Member UncommonPosts: 1,086

    FYI: Starsider is trhe most populated server, so I suggest you roll a toon there since it will be the least effected by the declining playerbase until TOR is released (STO releases 2/2/10). There isn't really anything different as far as how to play, but some new content has been added. Joining a guild will certainly help you find players that will run those instances with you, so I suggest going to the server forums to find a guild.


  • TonevTonev Member Posts: 462

     Best advice I can give you is save your money and wait for TOR.

  • jakfoxjakfox Member Posts: 50

    Originally posted by Tonev
     Best advice I can give you is save your money and wait for TOR.

    I agree. SWG probably has more clone wars content though.

    It's sad to see the game decline so quickly, and to watch as little to nothing is being done about it. It was one of my favorites.

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