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Bad first impression but keep going a bit longer

Maybe i have virus or something but to playing Rohan costs me a lot of patience

First i need to wait like 5-10 minutes for this game to launch. Then there is bugged music, low fps and bugged combat, where my Dhan suddenly stops fighting

Is it only me? Maybe you can help me out with this. Otherwise it seems like buggy and unpleasant game. And i am desperately looking for pvp mmo with death penalty

My pc is fine: 8600gt, amd phenom etc. its not the case of hardware

Playing: Rohan
Played (from best to worst): Shadowbane, Guild Wars, Shayia, Age of Conan, Warhammer, Runes of Magic, Rappelz, Archlord, Knight online, King of Kings, Kal online, Last chaos


  • abyss610abyss610 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 1,131

    when i played it ran fine for me and i played a long time ago like maybe a year ago? i forget anymore but it did run good for me no problems.

    try running the repair on it maybe it installed corrupt.

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