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Online game to play with a friend.

Hello, im looking for an online pc game to play with a friend, we have average pc's. Not really looking for a fps, so i guess

strategy or rpg. We have played WoW and eq 2 and have grown bored, does not have to be an mmorpg. Any suggestions would

be great, thanks.


  • Red_JuiceRed_Juice Member Posts: 20

    D&D online may be the game for you and your friend. The dungeons are fun, combat fast-paced, and best of all, its free.


  • chrisjba83chrisjba83 Member Posts: 18

    Yeah we may try that one out, are there any hack/slash rpg's we could play co-op?

  • Red_JuiceRed_Juice Member Posts: 20

    Neverwinter nights is fun (the first one, not the second)...and you can get the game and all the expansions for $20

  • EthianEthian Member Posts: 1,216

    Guild Wars is alot of fun as well if your looking for a free MMO with plenty of customization. If your looking for a PVE MMO try LOTRO. If your after a PVP MMO try Aion. Be warned though, Aion isnt exactly casual friendly.

    "I play Tera for the gameplay"

  • ThenariusThenarius Member Posts: 1,106

    Might wanna try some RTS games like Battle for Middle Earth, Warcraft 3, Starcraft, DoW2, etc.

    They aren't that bad once you get to know how to play.

  • chrisjba83chrisjba83 Member Posts: 18

    I think we are gonna try to stay away from mmorpg's for now, i know this is mmorpg forums but wasnt sure where else to ask. What strategy games would we be able to play the campaign against each other online not just battle? I heard total war empire you can do this, any others?

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