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Calling all "old" members!



  • lyonman24lyonman24 Member Posts: 855

    almost a year since this post started. just decided to stop by has been longer than a year since i lurked these halls

  • nolfnolf Member UncommonPosts: 859

    Holy crap, its MURT!

    There's a name I haven't thought of in ages.  I don't know if we ever had exchanges personally, but between having been on this site forever and your prolific posting habits, I surely remember you!

    I really hope that *insert game name here* will be the first game to ever live up to all of its pre-release promises, maintain a manageable hype level and have a clean release. Just don't expect me to hold my breath.

  • rathma1rathma1 Member Posts: 3

    I joined in 2003, am I old enough?


    Found an old post of mine 2 days ago:

  • DekronDekron Member UncommonPosts: 7,358

    Originally posted by rathma1

    I joined in 2003, am I old enough?


    Found an old post of mine 2 days ago:

    Original Rathma banned? I remember you. image

  • rathma1rathma1 Member Posts: 3

    Yeah I remember going onto Murts account and posting anti-american/pro-canadian comments and then they banned my account. lol.

  • DekronDekron Member UncommonPosts: 7,358

    Originally posted by rathma1

    Yeah I remember going onto Murts account and posting anti-american/pro-canadian comments and then they banned my account. lol.

    That was you? LOL. I remember his account was 'hacked'. :)

  • FinweFinwe Member CommonPosts: 3,106

    I remember you rathma, and clicking on that link also reminded me of people like kiamde.

    Man...I miss the good ol forum days. Things seem to have gone batshit crazy now.

    "The greatest trick the devil played on humanity in the 20th century was convincing them that he didn't exist." (Paraphrasing) C.S. Lewis

    "If a mother can kill her own child, what is left before I kill you and you kill me?" -Mother Teresa when talking about abortion after accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979

  • rathma1rathma1 Member Posts: 3

    I basically stopped checking this site ever since WoW came out because no companies have the courage to release anything to compete with it. 

    All these new MMO's are coming from indie companies that don't get finished and then they fall flat on their face.

  • killerTwinkiekillerTwinkie Member CommonPosts: 1,694

    Rathma, I also remember when you hacked into Murt's account and blasted his political stance. I can say that was a hell of a funny moment; too bad you were banned for it...

    Good to hear from you man. Been a while since we had another old-schooler show their face.

    edit; In a few months time it'll be 8 years since joining this site.

    KillerTwinkie - That one guy who used to mod's forums.

  • DekronDekron Member UncommonPosts: 7,358

    Originally posted by killerTwinkie

    edit; In a few months time it'll be 8 years since joining this site.

    Good grief...same here. I wonder if we will get a nice reward at 10. image

  • russelltoperusselltope Member Posts: 1

    old can also mean a topguy,right?


  • max001max001 Member UncommonPosts: 95

    So does I qualified as an old member?

    Been a lurker since 8 years ago  :)


  • Akarn1007Akarn1007 Member Posts: 47

    old mmo friends re-united *tear* haha <3

  • XoshuaXoshua Member Posts: 127

    Heya, my account is 7 years old.  Not 8 though.  :(

    Time to fix this genre.

  • MW2KMW2K Member UncommonPosts: 1,036

    Here's an old member returning for you guys. I was one of the first people to sign up to this place when it opened. Does that make me full of win? Absolutely.

    I'm an ex-banned member as well. I asked politely to come back and promised I would be a good lad.

    I used to be known as Ulujain but I go by something more prosaic in my old age.

  • johnsonkidjohnsonkid Member Posts: 1

     Do I qualify as an old member? I joined back when I was an immature, young idiot and now that I look back at those posts I'm absolutely disgusted and realize the credibility behind not liking younger teenagers.

  • MwahahaMwahaha Member UncommonPosts: 126

    Posting in this thread makes me feel superior to everyone else!

    Played:  EQ, EQ2, Vanguard, WAR, WoW, LoTRO, CoX, CO, GW2, FFXIV: ARR, AoC, Rift, TSW, SWTOR, TERA, BnS, ESO

  • segretosegreto Member Posts: 9

    I come here all the time when starting a new mmo.  Usually, the people posting are much more knowledgable than I am, so I will always come here.  Presently, I am playing Perpetuum Online, and it's pretty awesome for a sandbox game, well, for any game. 

  • Man1acMan1ac Member Posts: 1,428


    We're all Geniuses. Most of us just don't know it.

  • HardwareDCHardwareDC Member UncommonPosts: 59

    I have an old account but I can't remember the password and the email for that has got to be long gone.  =(

  • BigCaliGuruBigCaliGuru Member UncommonPosts: 103

                 Well im an old member, but as u can see by looking at my info, I never really post. I am a avid reader of the website and have been a member for a long time. I have been visiting the website everyday since i joined so  I've seen many of the older guys post's and have had some good reads, and giggles but as an observer and thats all.  To be honest I dont even sign in most the time when i view the forums. Well anyways, nice to meet you all.

  • ColdmeatColdmeat Member UncommonPosts: 3,400

    Almost 7.5 years, less time spent banned for various shenanigans.

    Anyway, any of the old folks here on Google+? Or want an invite, for that matter?

  • ScalebaneScalebane Member UncommonPosts: 1,880



    "The great thing about human language is that it prevents us from sticking to the matter at hand."
    - Lewis Thomas

  • ApotheosApotheos Member Posts: 62

    Oh yeah....getting the band back together.


  • AtaakaAtaaka Member UncommonPosts: 205

    I've been coming here since the site launched but didn't sub until years after.

    (I think I may have been doing the whole WoW Beta thing <shrug>) 

    MMORPG was my main source for MMORPG updates and gaming news way back when... Then, I started the life as a troller and now I'm an Advanced Troller. Time flys when you're having fun.

    But yah... I remember a lot of the people who responded to this thread.

    "We are some cool peoples" -Ataaka (because I didn't want people knowing my ingame name, 'Taaka')

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