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Monte Cristo changes prices on customers...and doesn't announce it.

BountytakerBountytaker Member Posts: 323

Apparently, Monte Cristo has decided NOT to offer the discounted rate for 2 or 3 month subscriptions.  As those who followed the game recall, this was a big selling point for CitiesXL...namely, that subscribing for three months would cut the cost down to about 5 or 6 dollars per month (much lower than the standard mmo fee).


However, in just the last 24 hours, those options have been removed, and players who want to subscribe must NOW choose the one month option, which will cost 8-10 dollars per month (in line with the standard mmo cost).  Considering the game offers little to justify paying 5 dollars per month, I don't imagine forcing players to pay double will help with retention.  We should know the effect of this move sometime in January or early Feb, as original 3 month subscribers are forced to renew one month at a time at a higher price.


This, coupled with some of the sales numbers floating around (tenth place on steams download list in its release week only; 14000 ranking on I'd say this game is entering financial difficulties.


Good luck to the folks working at MC.  Hope you make it through the holidays without any bad news.



  • RendRegenRendRegen Member Posts: 158

    Make better games and don't lie to customers. This way you can avoid financial problems. Good lesson for MC. Of course some companies have managed to get scams across and still limping on (NCSoft with Aion, Mythic with WAR and Funcom with AoC to name just a few).

  • MalteseMaltese Member Posts: 60

    While I like the game, such a steep increase in price is a poor choice to solve your apparent cash flow problems. Especially since I do not see any more features or performance increase to justify a 50% mark up.

    I don't see myself extending my subscription with these new prices.

    I would love to see the game flourish, since I think the idea behind it is fundamentally a sound one, but I don't really see it happening currently. Never the less, I suppose that's what innovation is: experimentation. It doesn't seem to have worked out in this case, though I still like to feel that I have been part of progress in trying this one.

    Pity really, but maybe the next online citysim will be a diamond farting wonder.

  • faseleifaselei Member Posts: 155

    Oh dear, i think this could be a biiiig mistake. My 3 months lapses in two days time. Was planning to renew  (although tbh I don't play much). If this is true (i can't see prices anywhere on  i don't think i will.

    So disappointing, this could of been my nest game ever. Casual MMO + city building. :(

  • MalteseMaltese Member Posts: 60

    You can review the current subscription rates on their site here.

    At the time of this writing there is no longer a rebate for any kind long term subscription available (and hasn't been for a while), which could be a bad sign.

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