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Call of the Wild - Notes on Patch for December 9th, 2009!

The official patch note for the next patch has been released. There are a lot of new features like the new “Class A” mercenary “Druid”, A new dungeon call Coyote’s valley, The new squad system and the coliseum league.

There also have been changes when it comes to mercenary formation, you can now have 2 Beast Trainers, 2 Oracles and 2 Janissaries in the same formation. (Thinking of formulating a new build because of these.)

I am so excited about the squad dungeon – Coyote’s valley because in this dungeon is where you can get the necessary items to recruit the Druid. A lot of people said that it would be hard since the Druid is a “Class A” mercenary that is so powerful and of course obtaining it would mean that you have to undergo difficult tasks but it is still worth a try.

Another exciting thing that will happen in the next patch is that you can now exchange your +10 Phoenix Equipments to Dragon God Equipments to NPC Wild Cat in Rome’s Bazaar so this means you can obtain a higher grade Dragon God Equip much easier than before. (This is what I am waiting for >:D)

For the other patch notes there have been changes in Battles, Magic, Dungeons, Monsters, Items, Quest, Interface / Functionality, Community and General. To read them all simply click the link below.

Link to the official patch notes.

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