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Man wrestles gun from assailant outside Manchester pub

guy232guy232 Member UncommonPosts: 346

Saw this video  and had to post it here.  Thing I want you to watch for is  see how calm the guy is approaching the armed looney. Here is the story.

 Vid      Here



Police has released dramatic CCTV footage of a teenager pointing a gun at the head of a man outside a pub in Manchester.

The 43-year-old came out of the premises to check his wife was OK after hearing a series of gunshots.

Unfazed, the man wrestled the gun away and was unhurt.

The incident happened in May.

Nineteen-year-old James Drewitt from the Longsight area of Manchester was sentenced to a minimum of three years in prison for the crime.







  • billynomatesbillynomates Member Posts: 163

    What a twat,at least have the bottle to used it if you are going to give it the biggy with a bucky then at least have the balls to used it.


    Three years ,lol he will be out in 12 months.

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