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Your best PS1 Game Ever!



  • summitussummitus Member UncommonPosts: 1,414
    Originally posted by aranha

    WIPEOUT hands down!


    Wow I still remember that awesome soundtrack even now ! Great game and the first Ps1 game I ever played I think.

  • thamighty213thamighty213 Member UncommonPosts: 1,637

    Soulblade and its intro or Tekken 2 payed £120 to get that imported from Japan months before a UK release

  • RanmattRanmatt Member Posts: 16

    I'd have to say ff7/8/9 rayman 2, digimon world, monster rancher 2.

    i recently Dled a ps1 emulator called epsxe and have just started playing those games "above" it was slightly more work to install though cause you have to download the bios and plugins for it but once thats done its easy peasy heres a link to Dl emulator and a link i Dl the games from hope this brings some entertainment to the barren december days.

    P.S. also theres a installation guide on youtube if you have trouble. i have vista 32 bit works fine cept there was an error when i tryed running it at first just type the error info into google and you can Dl a fix for it.


    I am Ranmatt

  • redavniredavni Member Posts: 72

    Gran Turismo & Tekken 3 gotta be 1 and 2, but a few other underrated ones I loved:

    Rage Racer

    Ace Combat

    Colony Wars



    Thunderforce 5

    I was a big fan of just about everything Namco, Psygnosis, and Working Designs released during the PS1 era.


  • chibifaye21chibifaye21 Member Posts: 1


    Parasite Eve

    Metal Gear Solid


  • lakokalakoka Member UncommonPosts: 97

    Silent hill 1 , like the number of posts you did, 1.

  • emperionemperion Member Posts: 23

    My Favorite PS1 Game.



    "Whats That Mr. Death Knocking At Your Door, Who's Gonna Die Tonight?"

  • DragimDragim Member UncommonPosts: 867

    Final Fantasy 7

    Final Fantasy Tactics

    Star Ocean

    Legend of dragoon


    I am entitled to my opinions, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

  • ikyle620ikyle620 Member Posts: 41

    Legend of Legaia

    Legend of Mana

    Lunar Silver Star Story Complete

  • AselliaAsellia Member UncommonPosts: 174

    Final Fantasy 9

  • rashherorashhero Member UncommonPosts: 510
    Originally posted by zidane01970

    Final Fantasy 9


    I kinda wanna  kick you in the nuts for that. Of all the FF's, 9 was the only one I actually disliked.

  • RakaraiRakarai Member UncommonPosts: 114

    1. Suikoden II

    2. Suikoden 1

    3. Legend of Legaia

    4. Lunar Eternal blue 

    old school rpgs ftw.

  • DuviousDuvious Member Posts: 116

    1. Final Fantasy 7

    2. Tekken 3

    3. Resident Evil

    4. Gran Turismo 2

    5. Castlevania: SOTN

    6. Metal Gear Solid

    7. Legacy of Kain

    8. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (pick one)

    9. Twisted Metal 2

    10. Wipeout (pick one)


    Jet Moto was pretty fun too and I remember a game called Loaded that was madd bloody and kicked ass, oh ya can't forget the original Warhawk, Xtreme Games, hell even PGA Tour Golf was a huge improvement from 16-bit golf and Hot Shot was hella fun too!


  • KrazyKrautKrazyKraut Member Posts: 20
    Originally posted by bloodaxes

    For me:
    1: Final Fantasy 9
    2: Front Mission 3
    3: Dino crisis 1
    Yeah FF9 is my fave too!!!


    Played FFXI, AoConan, Silkroad Online, Ether Saga Online. Waiting for FFXIV!
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  • MundusMundus Member Posts: 237

    The good old times ... 

    • Jade Cocoon
    • Final Fantasy VII & IX
    • Metal Gear Solid
    • Tombi

    I can't really decide which is the best of them.

    I even think it would be unfair to the other ones if I called a single game the best. ;)


    They are all great games.

  • KrazyKrautKrazyKraut Member Posts: 20
    Originally posted by Rakarai

    1. Suikoden II
    2. Suikoden 1
    3. Legend of Legaia
    4. Lunar Eternal blue 
    old school rpgs ftw.

    still the best m8....and the graphic wasnt bad...prefer this kind of rpg and graphic as the new one with thousands of bugs and glitches.... 


    Played FFXI, AoConan, Silkroad Online, Ether Saga Online. Waiting for FFXIV!
    Recruiting members for upcoming FFXIV Guild Crimson Night!

  • VaultFairyVaultFairy Member UncommonPosts: 566

    Has to be Koudelka as my number one. Absolutely loved that game, think it was my first RPG I played.

    Final Fantasy 8 the first FF I bought and played, I even still remember to this day what I did when I bought it. Took my PS to my grandma since we go to visit her for the whole day so I was allowed to take my PS.

    Broken Sword 2 had such a great dialogue, made me laugh at times like there is no tomorrow.

    After all these years I'm proud to say I still have those games.


  • ArvdogArvdog Member Posts: 11

    This is the console where my love for jrpg's was at its peak,I've been having trouble ever since finishing a pure jrpg on the two latest generation consoles.Looking back I think this was Jrpg's golden age. SInce the Rpg's cancel each other out its a toss up between Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy Tactics for me.

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