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Patching (update) Problem

2NVME2NVME Member Posts: 4

i have downloaded the game but when i tryed to play the game it just comes up with the update window saying "patching" . Its been like this for the past 5 hrs and i still cant play. Can anyone help?



  • Thadg59Thadg59 Member Posts: 1

    It seems that the patch system is messed up. Every time a new patch is presented, users (not all, but alot of them) cant get the patch to work. They offer advice on how to get the patch to work for most users on their site. The problem is they want you to uninstall the game and reinstall it every time there is a new patch, or they say its your computer, that its not up to date with the latest drivers, or that your computer isnt good enough to run CTR. Funny how the game was running just fine b4 a patch came out. Maybe instead of blaming users equipment, they should hire some real programers.

    All in all, CRT gets a 6 for playablity, and a 1 for patch (tech support).

  • speedphluxspeedphlux Member Posts: 5

    Why not just try asking for help at the CTRacer's forums ? There are some good people in there. They helped me out immediately.

  • india008india008 Member Posts: 2
    yes asking in ctracer forum,rather than here would have solved your problem long back
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