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New Australian Decicide Guild

While some of the other threads on this forum are not so positive, ive been playing this game for a few months now and find the community with in the game enjoyable and fun. the game is playing nicely indeed.

So ive created a guild and hopefully in the hope i will find other australian members who also enjoy the games as much as I do. my guild is called ( )

if you are Australian or live close to the time zone or perhaps you only play deicide in the wee early hours of the morning, and would like join the guild, you can vist my webpage, or or message Tassie_Devil in game .

I would also like to welcome other guilds to stop buy the website and say hello even post your own link to your guilds page if any, if you dont have a page feel free to make yourselves at home at mine.

Guild Master An online Australian Guild

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