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Football Manager Live: resetting ALL players progression Lrgally?

nervinervi Member UncommonPosts: 51

Ok, this is a small soccer manager game, but it claims its an massive multiplayer online game.

The thing is, they brought too many servers out, so the playerbase got spread and now there are not enough players on every server (gameworlds called there)  to keep the game healthy it seems.

Normal business in mmo worlds are then, that servers merge and players can continue their progression.

However this company claims, they cant do that and instead they reset everyone.

Even skills that people trained for more then 1 year, some skills take for example 44 days or longer.


Now, I did protest against this and demand a part of my subscription back, since they are not offering the expected service, i can expect from an mmo game.

I got this answer:

As announced, the current gameworlds are to be reset in early 2010. In accordance with the Terms of Use, as the reset does not represent a loss in service, there will be no refunds given because of this. Instead, as a measure of goodwill, we have decided to give an initial 2 months free to every subscriber as compensation for having to restart, this may (or may not) be extended depending on the exact date of when the reset will happen.


Kind regards,

Football Manager Live Team

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback and we're sorry to hear of your disappointment at the announcement.


I really have my doubts, they can legally do this, they consider that just logging in and playing is THE SERVICE, I consider the progression a big part of the service in an mmo game.

I mean its common standard right? This is the first mmo game i ever played in 10 years, that  is resetting the players progression, outside of beta....

What do you think of it?



  • championsFanchampionsFan Member Posts: 419

    Sure it's legal, the EULA for generally any piece of commercial software is heavily biased in favor of the company and against the users.   The only thing worse than a reset is a total shutdown, but besides the hit to a companies reputation there is no criminal or civil liability when they shutdown.   The most that could happen, and should happen in my opinion, is that this reseting action ruins the reputation of this company and bankrupts them quickly enough that other companies cannot misunderstand the lesson.  Of course, best of luck to you players to petition the company not to do this.

    Cryptic is trying a Customer Development approach to MMO creation.

  • nervinervi Member UncommonPosts: 51

    The thing is, their terms, only talk about their right to interrupt the service.

    They talk in very general terms about the service and its very short as well. Its not a big eula as normally, its really rather general info.

    Since they do that and advertise being an massive multiplayer online game, I guess the standard behavior of how the mmo companies handle progression of the players is valid. If that wasnt the case, I think they should have clearly stated a possible reset of the service, which hasnt been done.

    As customer I really have no doubt: If an mmo company talks about the service: I judge it with the common way, how other mmo companies handle their service as well. A reset is not part of that. I mean, lets face it: I dont know any other mmo, that did reset the complete worlds and reset the players progression as well.

    Oh well, we will see what happens.

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