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EQ Resources

neschrianeschria Member UncommonPosts: 1,406

For people starting or returning, it might be good to have a brief list of useful tools and resources.


Maps are downloadable from Mapfiend.  -- just download the maps or the full map pack and put them in the EverQuest sub-folder that's conveniently named "maps".

Interface mods are available at EQ Interface: -- most come with instructions. This includes not only re-skinned and improved windows, but also some pieces that have been completely re-purposed with different functions. It's definitely worth exploring.

Also, remember that you can open, resize, and recolor as many chat windows as you need, and you can filter the chat any way you want, both turning off unwanted output and filtering it to different windows. Also, you may want to check out what different hit modes (display of hit messages) look like.



Allakhazam's remains a good resource:

I know there are several others, but I don't have EQ bookmarks anymore. Perhaps someone could recommend some.


I know I've posted this kind of stuff before, but I'm necromantically inclined enough to go find and bump those.

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  • BuzWeaverBuzWeaver Member UncommonPosts: 978

    Good info., its amazing to think just how many fan sites were dedicated to EQ and now there is just a hand full.

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