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Star Wars: The Old Republic: New Force Users & Companions Screenshots



  • zaylinzaylin Member UncommonPosts: 794
    Originally posted by draggo69

    I don't care if the game is solo player or massive, as long there is a plot to follow, a story, as in the other games (KOTOR & KOTOR II).  I played WoW and I watched that people there don't care about the plot, but the raids and doing dungeons randomly without following a storyline.  They reach lv 80 and the game is over because every mission is under your level.  I hope this game (Old Republic) does not commit the same mistake.


    I have to agree, Just about every MMO is the same at this point it HAS a storyline with and with out quests that most people do NOT follow and just grab and go when it comes to picking up quests. I like many have played a good amount of MMOs 11+ :P and all of them have the same way or very similar way to gain xp. it old stagnet and boring, was fun for a bit. I think a good storyline to go along with you and the world will be great. I have tryed following some of the MMOs storylines, but when ever I quest with buddies they dont want to give you that extra 10-20 seconds to actually read the quest to see why the orc are being nice or why the nice elves are now corrupt,so on and so forth...really its all feeling like a Massive Diablo mite as well slap a Plays like diablo sticker on all mmos {a hint of sarcazim}.

  • slimj420slimj420 Member Posts: 2
    Originally posted by MMO_Doubter

    Originally posted by Tarka 
    I agree. People bitch about games allowing solo play in MMO's because they see it as a reason why no one groups up.  Which, in my own opinion is incorrect.  Soloing is not primarily a cause of a lack groups, it's an after effect brought about by a lack of good incentives to group which are far outweighed by perks of soloing.
    Faster xp in a group may sound like a good incentive, but only in theory, because it often doesn't work that way.  As many players find out when they are stood around for hours trying to find a particular group to go to a particular instance / dungeon / whatever.  Whereas if a person solo's they get to play their way, at their own pace and in their own time, without affecting anyone else if they have to take time out from the game. 
    Yes, and there's the problem. In an MMORPG, you are supposed to affect other players. Having combat pets(which is what these 'companions' sound like) encourages soloing. That is - not affecting other players.
    here's an idea. if you want a game that you have to find a full group just to walk five feet then go play everquest. why does every mmo have to fit the group for everything mold of you SOE brainwashed tools?
    Plus they don't have to wait every 2 minutes whilst the each group member in succession goes to change their childs diaper / visits the toilet / goes to get food or answers the phone.
    Doesn't happen in a single player game, so...
    I agree with people that the balance has to be re-addressed.  But removing solo play from MMO's isn't the answer.  More encouragement to group and raid IS.

    Then don't add mechanics that encourage soloing.


  • BaronJuJuBaronJuJu Member UncommonPosts: 1,832

    Nice shots, im looking forward to this game more and more.

    "If we don't attack them, they will attack us first. So we'd better retaliate before they have a chance to strike"

  • BaronJuJuBaronJuJu Member UncommonPosts: 1,832
    Originally posted by Corthala

    Originally posted by MikeB

    Originally posted by MMO_Doubter

    "Companion characters" are...?


    Star Wars: The Old Republic will feature companion characters similar to what you experienced when playing previous BioWare RPGs such as Dragon Age or Knights of the Old Republic. You'll essentially have your own Morrigan's, Jolee Bindos, and Carth Onasi's along with you on your adventures and they will react to, and if I recall correctly, be molded by your decisions. There aren't many solid details yet, but that is the gist of it.


    I always loved Companions in Bioware games but in an MMOG??? That to me sounds so wrong. I have to agree with some ppl that claims that this game is sounding like a single player game.


    Yet companions have been in MMO's for awhile. Pets, henchman, etc. that fight along side of you are essentially the same thing. The difference in SWTOR is they have their own storyline behind them

    "If we don't attack them, they will attack us first. So we'd better retaliate before they have a chance to strike"

  • ElikalElikal Member UncommonPosts: 7,912
    Originally posted by chriswsm

    There is nothing wrong with solo content in these games as long as there is a satisfactory blend with the team work and multiplayer side. 
    Social requirements for me are
    Multiplayer quests
    Ability to have a friend along on single player quests (difficulty/rewards amended accordingly)
    Housing in an open area (as an update will suffice) which is also a meeting hub & market  (LOTRO did a reasonable job of this but UO had it spot on)
    Configurable housing will also keep players in the game longer as they wont want to lost their precious house if they spent time and effort on it.  I remember how chuffed I was with my house in UO.  Without it I would have left the game months earlier than I did.
    Bars and festivals would also be good for multiplayer and perhaps training areas for practice where others could get involved or spectate.
    I am looking forward to this MMORPG more than any other.


    Well said. I have the same requirements. Sounds good so far.

    The shots are not really new, but they look promising. I imagine the world of TOR of the detail level like LOTRO, and with good design that can do magic. However, such magic is hard to grasp in screenshots or movies, you really have to be inside a game to see it for yourself. I am sure it's cool. ^^

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