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Low FPS? Lag? Performance issues? Read here

GeevesGeeves Member UncommonPosts: 149

Alot of people have noted that this game is unplayable for them. Seems there might be a simple fix to alot of the problems.



I talked with Enigma about this and he confirmed that it is ok to do, it's been passed around among players so I cannot be credited for figuring it out.


There currently seems to be an issue with the shaderscache folder located in your TCOS data/cache directory which causes slower game performance. If you do the following you should notice an increase in overall game performance. Including being able to alt tab or go between window and full screen mode considerably faster. You should also notice an increase in loading zones as well as logging into the game. You may even experience a framerate increase during gameplay as I have.

Open your TCOS folder, open the data folder, open the cache folder:

Here you will see a folder called "shaderscache", delete it. (don't worry if you delete this folder and leave nothing in cache it will remake it when you login).

However, we do not want it to remake itself as that's whats causing the slowdown.

So do this: As I said delete the shaderscache folder. Now create a text file, delete the .txt extension at the end of the file and rename the file to "shaderscache" without the quotes.

Right click on the file you just created and go to properties. Now check the box that says read only.

This will prevent the game from recreating the shaderscache folder. Now launch spellborn and enjoy your performance increase.

When I spoke to Enigma he checked with the dev's and said it was ok to do this. If a GM could sticky this if it is still ok to do and let everyone know that I'm not making this up that would be great Smile.



Yes, this does work quite well. Been using it for quite some time now.


I do, however, think there should be a warning to people doing this. If your system is not that good (less than 2gb ram, humble gfx) it may not improve the game, or even make it worse. Doing this makes the game load all shader files used into the RAM making it take up more space while running. This also lowers load times, and makes less lag when using skills if you noticed that.


Make sure you have "hide known file extensions" unchecked in your explorer folder options.

Hopefully this solves some of the problems people are having.



  • KnyttaKnytta Member UncommonPosts: 411

    This worked for me, may not work if you have a low end computer according to what have heard. But try it!

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  • DelanorDelanor Member Posts: 659

    This solves the low fps few people seem to be having, but it does not solve the slow server response we are experiencing. So lag will remain as it is.


  • icytear83icytear83 Member Posts: 47

    i download this game to give a try i have a quad core i7 860 with radeon 4870 graphics card and even at the starting area i was having 12 fps at hawksmouth even with all the settings tuned down and followed the suggestion. I heard that there was something abt this game not utilizing the multi processors or the gpu frequently and i hope they fix it soon.

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