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free2playfree2play Member UncommonPosts: 2,029


Get it? Dont waste money.

Its not a bad game, just extremely basic. Combat is grade 2 math. You have a very basic agenda. Build up walls to 10, fill them with Archer towers, get 300 Ballista as fast as you can, farm NPCs Level 4 cities. Keep one city on new servers. Do Not make 2 untill you have Level 4 and level 5 NPCs all around the first one. Farm them 3 times a day, make alot of archers. Alot being 90,000 or more. The npcs will feed them.

Offence is basic. If it eats alot, it kills alot. You need again 100,000 or more. Start Archers, move to Cataphract, move to Battering Rams.

No less than 80% of any server will play for less than 20 minutes. They will be purges out in 14 days and you will slug it out in a winner takes all PvP elimination game and in the end, quit that server out of boredom and move on to a new one. Medals? Forget it. They arent there.

Ok, I lied, the game is bad. Hideous. t just plain sucks. And the covertisement in game along with blatent mail spam is pathetic  and corny to no end.

Give it a shot, find out for yourself. Just avoid sending these losers your money.

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