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Multi player Borderlands

IhmoteppIhmotepp Member Posts: 14,495

multi player borderlands is fun! It's  a great co-op shoot 'em up!

However, it's hard to find a multiplayer game.

This is really, really disappointing.

It's almost 2010 and they can't make a multi player game right.

You log on and see a list of games. All with 1 player. Why? Because no one can figure out how to set up so they can host, including me.

FIRST you have to configure an static IP.

THEN if you accomplish that, you have to port forward, and make sure you forward the rigth ports.

It's a nightmare. But if someone does figure it out, then you can join their game. This is what you have to do:


But remember, FIRST you have to set up a static IP.

So you see 20 games, and you can't join 19 of them. What a waste. There's no patch coming that will fix this. Either more people will go through this hell and figure it out, or more than likely you just won't see many multi player games you can actually join.



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