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The Chronicles of Leeroy Episode 8 released

We've just finished making our 8th live-action Warcraft movie, The Chronicles of Leeroy Episode 8 – Two Copper Coins

This episode sees Celeste (Level 1 Alliance mage) finally receiving her reward for questing. Also Leeroy, Maxius and Arathaya bump into a Holy Paladin in Stranglethorn Vale. Think we can all probably guess what’s gonna happen

Here’s the direct link to the movie www.herculeanproductions.com/movie.php

You can find all the other episodes at www.herculeanproductions.com

Tell us what you think and if you have any ideas for future Leeroy episodes let us know.

Hope you like it!

Carl aka Maxius

Aka Vikkar, undead priest lvl71, Kor’Gall


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