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SWTOR same old MMO?



  • greed0104greed0104 Member Posts: 2,134
    Originally posted by Moirae

    Originally posted by ipwnyounoob

    Originally posted by greed0104

    Originally posted by ipwnyounoob

    Originally posted by hayes303

     Hard to tell from the 1 hr or so of game footage avail pre-beta.


    No it isn't...LOL. You can tell how a game is going to play from 5 minutes of gameplay. One hours is plenty to see it's going to be the same old thing with more jumping and rolling etc.


    I thought WoW was going to suck from the videos I watched before release. I got into the Stress Test and loved it.

    So that makes you wrong.

    WoW does suck.

    Yes it does. Majorly.


    It does now, but at one time it was a great game.

    The whole point was that you can't judge a game off a video. You really need to have a hands on experience for absolute judgment. 

    Thanks for fueling his ignorace though.

  • GylfiGylfi Member UncommonPosts: 708

    Im with you boys. God am i glad that more and more are sick of the clonation.

    From my point of view, if this game is going to have the usual line of quests that force you to explore the places they have decided, and then out of that zone into another one, that's enuff to call clone at it.

    Because character progression is the biggest feature of an MMO, the activity you will do for most of your /played time.

    And before someone says it, there's difference between generic quests, and quests done in the usual way, with the window accept/decline, the rewards below, the short description, the marker on the map, the farming for RATS that drop their SPACEBALLS

    There's probably a MILLION ways to do quests in a way that's entirely different from the WoW way.

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