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in dire need of your guys help

there was a web sieres early 2000ish. it was puppeteering the main char was a penis and there was a sidekick. the best episoode was him in a coffee shop hitting on a girl saying he loved coffee of course he would have to let it cool substancally and the girl got mad and left cause you cant love cold coffee if anyone knows the name off the show please respond arg it was either a link from albinoblacksheep or ebaumsworld now i cant find it


  • Angelof2070Angelof2070 Member Posts: 224

    i think i just died

  • lyonman24lyonman24 Member Posts: 855

    good for you doesnt answer my question though. surprised no one has or remembered this web show

  • SoejckdswgSoejckdswg Member Posts: 338

    You are in dire need  to know what show a puppateered penis was on? WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TO??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//

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