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Game looks good.  I will definitely being a jedi or sith.  But I do want to have an alt as a smuggler.  Besides all the storyline stuff, will smugglers actually be able know smuggle?  There isn't shit for them to do in SWG.  Was just hoping for more stuff for them to do whether it be PvP or not.


  • kobie173kobie173 Member UncommonPosts: 2,075

    I would try asking this on the official TOR boards. You're not going to get any kind of an answer that isn't pure speculation here. I would be nice if there was some sort of smuggling system better than SWG's but who knows?

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  • greed0104greed0104 Member Posts: 2,134

    I'm with you. I'd like a bounty system to be in place to.

  • Howard2341Howard2341 Member Posts: 16
    Originally posted by greed0104

    I'm with you. I'd like a bounty system to be in place to.

    Me too.  If the PvP planets where ANYONE could put a bounty on real players...that would be awesome.  Not like the joke of a system SWG has.

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