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Iolaus' Pride

Inside every person we find a dreamer, where we keep visions to be a celebrated hero. Maybe not as great as Hercules was, but still, a tad closer to him.

 Now we can stop dreaming as the moment we have been waiting for has arrived. Atlantica presents iolaus' pride. Inside you'll find items you have once fantasized about. Open one now and boast of your pride upon having the invincible hydra's wings! You might also get boxes to uncover items to boost your abilities.

All these are yours to grab. So get on your high horses and head to the item mall and be sure to have iolaus' pride!



  • HerodesHerodes Member UncommonPosts: 1,494

    If you buy this box for 10$, you have the chance to win one of fifteen things.

    There is a high chance to pay 100$ until you get what you need. Better plan with 200$ for the rare thingies.

  • MyreanMyrean Member Posts: 186

    AO releases wings,mount and other item mall items every month..they always give us an update, but of course if you really want to have the wings got to spend $ and just wish to have the rare one...

  • haelikothhaelikoth Member Posts: 116

    you can sell the other items tho. especially the scrolls. i know i wouldnt mind getting the other items in the pack.


  • lm8darklm8dark Member Posts: 281

    I wanna buy one. a guildie of mine just got the pop-up and now wearing the hydra's wings. Im so jelous and i think I'll buy 1.

  • MyreanMyrean Member Posts: 186

    Well there are some who just lucky to have it... but I rarely see a pop up with a getting a legendary one...isn't it?

  • uhjpaeuhjpae Member Posts: 165

    Wow! Hydra wings! Great with Hydra mount! Unfortunately I don't have the Hydra mount. I think I'll buy some boxes and hope to get them both...


  • icaughtfireicaughtfire Member Posts: 109

    I've been wondering, If the Hydra Wing has a partner mount... Should'nt there be a partner mount also for the other wings such as micheal's wing and argos wing? :D

    But I guess there are no appropriatte partner mounts for those wings since Argos in greek mythology is a dog / city and Saint Micheal does not have any mythical creatures related to him. :D

    Any of you guys know the looks of the invincible hydra wings?

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