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Do not join this game at this point in time, they will reset it in march 2010

nervinervi Member UncommonPosts: 51

Yeah, it seems a nice idea to have a football manager online game.

It did work, but they made too many servers and now to "fix" it, they will make different new servers and reset the players their teams and accounts in march 2010.

So people spent already 1 year in training skills and earning enough money in game to build BIG stadiums, they all expected a longterm mmo game and instead:

SI Sports Interactive from sega is doing the unspoken, something you never do in mmo land: RESET the gameworlds for every player.Say bye bye to your skills you trained over time, the money you build up, the progress you made with teams etc.

So, I will advice anyone here: do not try this game at this moment.


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