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SWTOR a little too much solo?

 Hi, let me start by saying that a love what i've seen so far in swtor, i love the classes, graphics and that it has full vo. I have three friends of mine that are all going to play Sith and we're all going to play different classes. What i'm worried about is when we level up we won't be abel to play  a lot to do together other than the flashpoints. That we all will be playing our different story with our own companions. What do you think, i'm totaly wrong here? Sorry if this has been posted before.


  • RavingRabbidRavingRabbid Member UncommonPosts: 1,168

    We dont know enough at this point as of yet. Alot is speculation. Bioware has been pretty careful about releasing too much info at this point. Personally for me I want a 75% solo and 25% party ratio for grouping. Lets just see what happens.


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  • OdelaOdela Member Posts: 120

    The story is basically only for leveling up, once you finish the main story and reach cap there's endgame you can do freely.

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