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This game needs to go back to the drawing board.

SkuzSkuz Member UncommonPosts: 1,016

Boy are these graphics amateurish, the concept art is terrible, the screenshots thus far only exacerbate the terrible look & feel of the graphics.

This has negative levels of proffessional quality, to like these graphics you'd have to be Picasso-like in your appreciation of children's drawings.

I don't usually slate games this early but this really does look bad, the average 14 year old art class student puts out better quality than this utter garbage.



  • jeirhartjeirhart Member Posts: 7

    I'm glad you took the time to actually play the game and enjoy the gameplay aspect, enjoying how the game works and taking an interest in all the fun quests and details that went into this game.  Would be foolish if you simply took a look at the graphics of a 4 year old game and said it was utter crap without actually finding out anything about the game.  And it's not like you didn't even check out the new artwork and the game content. 

    I see you thoroughly researched and made an informed discussion.  Good for you.


  • elbo666elbo666 Member Posts: 4

    Graphics aren't everything, well, maby for 15 year olds who've never experienced a real MMO.

    I have not tested the game yet, but the pvp aspect seems rather interesting, even tho it looks like  a skill spam fest.

    Personaly, all i look for in a game these days is a good pvp system (a good story is a nice bonus to it also), which seems rather impossible to find. I still find pvp more skill based on a 2d game which came out at the year 2000, and all you have to do is target. Then there's Conquer Online, the pvp system there is quite good to be honest, but the game (not counting private servers, which are also quite boring) is ruined by the company.

    Abit off topic, but who cares, play the game and stop bitching about graphics.

  • SkuzSkuz Member UncommonPosts: 1,016

    If you say graphics are unimportant thats fine, but they set up first impressions & either interest you or put you off.

    My take on this game isn't that the graphics are "dated", dated graphics can still shine with quality of design & effort put into them for their time, the graphics in this game are just damn lazy & crap.

    It's an opinion, I could care less whether the game had great gameplay or not, that doesn't excuse shoddy artwork, I would still play a game with great gameplay & shit graphics but that doesn't mean I can't have an opinion on how poorly done they are.

  • jeirhartjeirhart Member Posts: 7

    The graphics appear dated because they are the graphics of the first Full 3D MMORPG built on the Unreal Engine.  Turf Battles was adapted (read-translated, with gameplay tweaks) for the North American (and basically the rest of the world) from the MMORPG Sephiroth, currently produced by SmileGate but originally released by IMAZIC.

    Newer content is currently being added to the game with new graphics including new interface and while the TB version currently does not have these (latency between producer and developer)  I can assure you we will be getting these as we progress. 

    So while you might not come for the graphics, we suggest you stay for the PvP and other elements of pure win.


  • asmadeousasmadeous Member Posts: 70

    Personally, graphics in games do not appeal to me as much as the content, game-play and what it has in-store. I would be more than glad to try out Turf Battles. If what you say is true, then this game could be a predecessor to RYL (Risk Your Life).


  • greed0104greed0104 Member Posts: 2,134
    Originally posted by jeirhart

    Love how they stole the Hitman Font.

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