Confirmed Closed Beta 3 Changes

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After Closed Beta 2 ended, the Game Sage team along with the Game Masters Fosho and Aracton have worked together to bring significant changes to Turf Battles to create a game that players have wanted since the original Turf Battles went down under Hyper Engines' management. We are still doing some finishing touches but here is what will definitely be in Closed Beta 3. I will try to update the list as we make more changes and update the game further.



  1. Full Island System - With correct drops, level brackets, and different ownership on different channels.
  2. Full PK Point System - Gain a pk point for killing another player on the islands.
  3. PK Penalty Reduction - Only players with -200 to -255 honor will receive PVP Penalties. (Scale of -255 to 255)
  4. Healing Gems of Spirit (Rez Potions) -  No Longer Work In PVP
  5. EXP Boost - The EXP Bonus system has received a rather large increase to it. I will provide more information on the exact amounts later.
  6. EXP NPC - The EXP NPC has returned! 50% EXP Bonus on top of the Normal exp, Exp Scrolls, and EXP Monster Bonus'!
  7. Potion Cap Increase - Players can now carry a max of 500 Potions normally, 650 after you finish all the skill quests.
  8. Visible Damage In PVP - Players can now see the Damage dealt in PVP (white), as well as the damage being done to you (red).
  9. PVP Channel - Players can now use the PVPChannel to monitor ALL PVP related deaths in the game!
  10. Pet Attack Bonus Raised - Players will notice that pets now give much more Attack Power per pet point then they did in Closed Beta 1 and 2.
  11. Party Window - The party window now has a background interface! Just like the one in old TB!
  12. Visible Levels - Players can now view other players level via Tribe Windows and Party Windows!
  13. Friendly Fire - Players can no longer attack players that are in the same Tribe and or Party.
  14. No Item Loss In Ladianes War -Don't worry about losing items while at war, it won't happen anymore!
  15. PvP Halo System - Halos will appear in various sizes and colors depending on PK Points number
  16. PK Point Daily Quest - A daily quest at Ladianes Battle Arena has been added to help players with 0 pk points gain 5.


Bug Fixes

  1. Duplication Bug - Yay! Down with cheating!
  2. Suffering Spirit Cave EXP Bug - It's Fixed! No more super fast cheating to 160!
  3. Chat Filter Bug - No more swearing
  4. Invisible Symbols - The following symbols now appear: ~, {, }, |, and ‘.
  5. References to Channels - Channels are no longer referred to as Servers in game.
  6. Biscupe Tournament - It's back.
  7. Tribe War Time Till Start - When a Tribe War is declared it now actually waits for 5 minutes instead of 1.
  8. Tribe War Win/Loss Message - The messages that appear when a Tribe War ends now make sense!
  9. Tribe War Messages - The message that appears when you kill someone you are at war with now makes sense.
  10. Return To Lobby Crash - We believe that this bug has been fixed.
  11. Localizations - A lot.





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    Bump with new Information on the upcoming Closed Beta 3 release of Turf Battles


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