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Irrate MMORPG member

Not really irrate, only dissapointed in the forum moderator. 

Let the...Consumer vs Company...begin

I posted two topics, one was titled Best f2p MMORPG...DRUM ROLLS... and Worst f2p mmorpg...Drum Rolls...

Obviously there seems to  be an error.  The first post was moved the second was deleted.  It is not spam... while the titles are similar they are completely different in terms of content.  One does say best the other says worst.

Therefore before one of your mediocre moderators decides to send me a "First time" warning why not send a ,"please correct," message.

Obviously I posted many times on mmorpg on different topics none have been, "Spammed."  Perhaps there is no tolerance for it but maybe I may have hit a nerver somewhere...and of course I am at the mercy of a moderator who either has addhd or dislexia.

Your thoughts?



  • goneglockingoneglockin Member UncommonPosts: 706

    lol.  User deleted.  I'm having a grand old time over at the escapist.  I'm telling you it's dying out around here and you should come join me.   Too many young kids over there.  Need some of you "old" 20 somethings to come bring some balance.

    Hope you got your things together. Hope you are quite prepared to die. Looks like we're in for nasty weather. ... There's a bad moon on the rise.

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