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Thanksgiving Week Maintenance

MyreanMyrean Member Posts: 186


Just read this information from other site regarding their Thanksgiving Event :


"Thanksgiving time in Atlantica Online has never been so festive, as we are introducing two new in-game event items this year. Players will be introduced to an NPC who will offer them a special Thanksgiving quest. The rewards for fulfilling that quest are new additions to your formation, as well as a new clothing item for your avatar.

The first item is the Pilgrim's Hat. Just in time for Thanksgiving, players will be able to obtain this hat for a limited time. However, combine the temporary Pilgrim's Hat with 100X Atlas Ore, and receive a permanent version of the Pilgrim's Hat!

Turkeys will join your formations in the place of an Auto-Search Robot. That's right! Turkeys will aide you in collecting loot from downed monsters. These Turkey Auto-Search Licenses will be good for one day. However, extended versions of these licenses will be on sale for a low price in our Item Mall."

The maintenance starts at 5:30pm PST on November 24th, 2009.

This patch will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Isn't it that cool? well this information was not yet release in their main site just found it in other site..So, i'll be waiting for this event.



  • GivemeGiveme Member Posts: 1

    Thanksgiving Items gift ??

    Kind of Bounty

    If u have money in real life

    U dont have to reckon on that

    Unfortunately ,.,..,.,

  • MyreanMyrean Member Posts: 186

    Well in the Item Mall the y released:


    Pilgrim's Bounty - Which is a package like a warrior's package with the additional of Turkey auto search robot and the Box of good fortune (100 Atlas ore)


    in the game there's a holiday acong that can ask you to craft a turkey as an  exchange for either a Pilgrim's hat for 7 days or a Turkey robot for a day... you can also have a chance to make it permanent.^^

  • lm8darklm8dark Member Posts: 281

    Any idea on the stats of the hat? BTW I like the box of good fortune. a chance to have additional atlas ore is still better than none right? ^^

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