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Things you can do if you dont get the flu shot...

While I may not be a doctor, I am in school and am taking many electives pertaining to our bodies, example physiology.  I do very well in keeping my self from getting sick, and I have not been sick for the past four years, when I say sick I mean a full fledge infection or hospital emergency visits. (Knock on Wood) 

I also pay close to attention to my doctors advice and I know many of us can not afford health insurance, well here are a little bit of secrets you should know, but use this information for prevention and not a means to skp the doctor, as again I can only emphasize I am not a doctor.


1. Our common household items can cure quickly many of our soar throats, mouth wash for example.  I highly recommend purchasing the original listerine, it kills many viruses and bacterias that are associated with strep throat .  The first sign you have of a scratchy throat gargle some listerine.  One of the ingredients it has is thyme which is a herb.

2. Your hands need to be washed, especially us gamers.  The worst thing you can do is, pick your nose, put your hands in your mouth, ears and touching your eyes. 

3. When you take a shower DONT SCRUB, you can get infections if you scrub too hard even ring worm.  The soap is an emulsifier the backteria stick to the bubbles so if your going to scrub, scrub lightly. 

4. The same cleaners that people use to clean their contacts can help you get rid of itchy eyes. Look for a product for cleaning contacts that does not harm eyes.

5. If you see someone coughing or sneezing, get away quickly.  Dont be rude, just apologize and move away.  Virusus are unlike bacteria, they can only survive in water droplets, thats why in cold temperatures individuals get sick.  People stem to stay home more often and therefore easier to spread.  However what most dont know is that when someone sneezes in cold weather its easier for the virus to travel in the air because there is no moisture in the air.  Moisture makes those virus droplets fall to the ground.  If your going to have friend/family over your house make sure you home temp is comfortable and not dry.  75 degrees is perfect.

6. Whenever you can clean a door knob do so.  Especially keyboards, mouses, things that get touched all the time. 

    Well these are just little tips, I thought I would share this with the friends and the rest of the community here at mmorpg.  Just remember use this as prevention not an alternative.

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