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Midnightsquadron US and EU PvP/PvE Guild (Republic Faction)

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Midnight Squadron

Mission Statement:

Midnight Squadron was founded in 1995 by Capm and Tire for the purpose of creating an organized and experienced Descent clan.

We may have expanded ten-fold since then but our objectives have always remained the same:

- To provide an organized, disciplined, and most importantly, fun gaming environment for our members.

- Our values are maturity, respect, honor, fun, and loyalty.

- These five core values have created a rock solid and fun foundation for our members.


We wouldn't be the oldest gaming organization in existence without them. These values will never change and this clan will continue to endure for many years to come through the dedication of our members.


We are currently looking for like minded individuals. We are a guild/clan with a history in a number of games from first person shooters, to flight simulators, to MMOs of every genre. We have active groups for a number of games currently, and are looking for people to join us for SW:ToR.

We are an 18+ guild. There are exceptions to this that may be made in certain circumstances if someone younger is interested. A lot of our members are in their late 20s through early 40s.

We plan on participating in all aspects of this game. This includes PvP and end-game content. We will NOT be a heavy raiding guild with 5 night per week requirements, but we will still have some expectation of assisting the guild with progressing through content. If a recruit has a conflict or commitments, that does not preclude you from joining, we just prefer that you make us aware of it.

Our goals are to have a guild that is willing to help all of its members without feeling that they must sacrifice their own enjoyment of the game to do so. A mutually assisting group of loyal members who keep the guild's interests in with their own is what we strive to achieve.

All classes are welcome, as is roleplaying, but we are not a RP guild for the most part. We have members from SWG and other games who do RP on occasion, so if you are a casual RP player, you will find an outlet for that as well. We try to be an all encompassing group that works as a team for the better enjoyment and fun of all.

If you would like to contact us, you can private message myself here on the forums, or you can contact ViperI, my XO, or MSCav here on the forums. You are also welcome to come visit us at our website:


*Replace the word dots with periods. This was done to avoid spamming.

We look forward to hearing from you.


  • GenioGenio Member UncommonPosts: 5

    Anyone interested in joining, or anyone who just would like to know a little more about Midnight Squadron should check out these links: guild spotlight interview with Cav and LordLinus (audio/mp3) guild of the week interview with yours truely



    We've recently formed a division for the new game, Aion. If anyone is playing that game and is interested in seeing what Midnight Squadron is all about, here is your chance. Midnight Squadron is on the Israphel server.

    We have a new website coming in the next couple weeks or so. Be sure to have a look when it's all complete

    The MS Informer online radio broadcast will be launching with the new website. We've been doing podcasts for the past few months and now we're looking to expand into a regular live broadcast.



    New Website Launch. The added section for our SWTOR division will have more information specific to the SWTOR division

  • GenioGenio Member UncommonPosts: 5

    The Midnight Squadron prides itself on it's high standards of Honor and Loyalty.

    Below is our Gaming Policy which defines those standards:


    1. Honor

    - Honor is THE most important part of being a Member of Midnight Squadron.

    - A keen sense of right and wrong, adherence to the principles of good behavior.

    - A Purity of Heart. Treating people with respect. Doing unto others, as you would have others do unto you. This is the Highest Law of Midnight Squadron.

    "Without Honor, you are nothing.

    Without Honor, you are not MS."


    2. Loyalty

    - A faithfulness to our ideals, motives, beliefs and to each other is essential to be a part of our team. Midnight Squadron is not just another group. We are a FAMILY.

    - We are a shoulder to lean on, a friend to talk to, somebody to have fun with.

    - If we can't count on each other, who can we count on?


    3. Respect

    - You cannot have an organized and mature organisation without a great deal of personal respect for other members.

    - We go on vacations together, visit eachother, and some of us have even become roommates.

    - This organisation is not just a clan, it is a community of like minded and mature gamers who are as at home with each other online as they are in the real world. We are not an eliteist organisation, and do not descriminate except upon a member's attitude.


    4. Maturity

    - Midnight Squadron has a low tolerance for juvenile behavior. We look upon people who think they are better then another person harshly, and will not tolerate prejudice or eliteism in this form.

    - We do not respond to flames, insults, and attempts at starting an arguement, be it from another clan or individual, or from within our organization.

    - We believe in the old school internet system of mutual respect. One of the fastest ways out the door here is being disrespectful of other members of the clan and gaming community.


    5. Having Fun

    - Because that's why we're here in the first place; to have fun.

    - There is some work in Midnight Squadron, but it must not go to the extent that it infringes on our purpose of having fun.

    - We're here to relax, have a good time, make some friends and memories that will last us a lifetime. There is no place for ego here.


    These five things define the very Foundation of the Midnight Squadron. Everything else is just details.

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