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Planet Scale?

So here's what I'm wondering: how large are the planets actually going to be? Has there been any official word on this yet? From what I've seen in all the footage videos, it seems as if the explorable area on planets, or really anything space that's not space, is going to be extremely small. From what I can tell, we beam down, do the task on hand, beam back to ship. That doesn't really fill me with a desire to want to go find new planets (genesis system( if there are only going to be small areas to walk around in. Granted, I don't think the explorable area should just be a whole planet, but one small zone doesn't really lend itself to exploring either. Now don't get me wrong, I'm really really looking forward to this game, but based on what I've seen, planetary exploration is going to be second to space exploration. What's your guys take on this? Does anybody know anything different than what I've said? Keep in mind, anything I say is conjecture. Alright, discuss away! 





  • SomeOldBlokeSomeOldBloke Member UncommonPosts: 2,167

    I suspect the away missions will be instanced to a fairly small area with natural boundaries preventing exploration.

  • NeblessNebless Member UncommonPosts: 1,262

    I got linked over to the O-boards yesterday and was reading some of the dev stuff.  When they were talking about the missions (episodes) and how the maps worked for it, one of the dev's said an example mission might be like;

    Map 1: warp into the system and find an abandoned ship in orbit around a planet, Map 2: Visit said ship and find out you need to go down to the planet to investigate.  Map 3: Planet map to find out 'what's what'.  Map 4: Back into space to fight off monster / bad guy of the week.  Map 5: Wrap up and leave.

    So yes it sounds like the planet map's will just be a small slice of life.  No real exploration.  Space exploration - Visit sector X to see what's what.  Wow!  There's a solar system here!  Seems to be how the space part will be.

    I'll be playing, but I do think they could have done so much more.

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