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disconnects me from 1st village.

After I got off the shardship, it loads me on the docks .. then it immediately says that  i'm disconnected from the server and it boots me to the login screen, I've done this numerous times with the same results.


I have tried rebooting.


I have waited several hours before trying again and everything.


So whats the deal?


It also takes ages for the game just to get to the login screen and such.


Anyone else having these issues? or is my computer just crap.


  • ozy1ozy1 Member Posts: 309

    if i where you i would go ask their technical support forum. You do know this game is to be re released next year?

    Playing Darkfall EU1 Server

  • MacDonaldmc3MacDonaldmc3 Member Posts: 3

    Yepp, its being re-developed isn't it?

  • ozy1ozy1 Member Posts: 309



    It will be re released with RMT. its free for now though.

    Playing Darkfall EU1 Server

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