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New Hardware

rowan.j.nrowan.j.n Member Posts: 8


Just a quick line to let the gamers know that i recently purchase a new laptop for gaming while away. I normally purchase from brick and morter stores but this time i got it online. the system i found the best is an MSI GX623 15.4'' Gaming Laptop P8400 2.4G CPU 4G RAM 500GB HDD. I am very impressed. I had not heard of MSI until i started searching online but they produce many great components and very good laptops. Just a note though be carefull when buying online, some or the new Auction sites are a bit shonky, you bid for the right to purchase an item at a discount price(apperently). In the end i purchase from and online store in Australia (close to home) and the product came well packaged and in good time. If anyone is keen "www.computerandall.com". The system has no trouble with WOW and old school starcraft, i just want to go away so i can justify (to the mrs) useing it more :). Have a good one


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