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Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2

dotzdotz Member Posts: 4

Anyone got this for PS3? =D I feel bored playing with random people all the time. I found a lot of neat hiding places too with this game. I still don't understand why they didnt take the time to fix the glitches from MW1 when they created MW2. People using those wall breaker bugs and elevator bugs left and right. This in my opinion is really annoying..


  • BrownTINGBrownTING Member Posts: 20

    I've got it for the 360, but I agree the glitches/mods are really annoying.  What is the challenge or fun in no amo expulsion and auto-fire every weapon?  Also those people who use the tactical insertion and are killed/responed/killed repeat by a friend are just plain rude and a waste of space.


  • reimarureimaru Member Posts: 228

    tried it on pc though, but the story is still epic, as for the gameplay, well it has some bugs, so it's kind of annoying to play online because of some abusing it


  • dotzdotz Member Posts: 4

    well, main glitches I have seen are.

    Elevator, 10th pestiege hacks/glitches, going hardcore mode and getting a riot shield and a friend with a mini gun. just spam the minigun since its Friendly Fire so he completes all the riot shield achievements. Repeat using grenades on the shield.

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