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Conclave - EU PvP/PvE Guild (Undecided Faction)

Hi! I'm Jaycen and I'd like to spend a little time to tell you a bit about our guild. If you like the sound of us come and visit on our site, we'd love to hear from you soon. We look forward to meeting you in the upcoming months to the release of SW:TOR!

About Us

Conclave was started in October 2009 in the anticipated runup to Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. It was started by a band of friends who had spent years playing MMOs together. The guild is built upon the tenets of humour, fun and skilled gameplay.

We are players that have been able, in the past, to spend hours upon hours day after day at the keyboard. We reached the stage that we wanted to play an MMO with other skilled people, but understood that skill does not mean having to play for hardcore amounts of time. Essentially - you don't have to be on every day, but when you are on you are skilled and focussed on supporting your guildmates.

The guild hierarchy is admittedly not totally democratic - ultimately decisions have to be made and experience has taught us that for this to happen there needs to be distinct leadership. However, the guild is run on the principle that opinions are heard and considered. Any major decision is decided by the Guild Council, which comprises 4 general members and 4 class representatives.

Our "Theme"

Our motto is "The End Justifies the Means". Whatever faction we end up choosing, we are not necessarily good or evil - we make choices and decisions to benefit ourselves and how we feel the galaxy should develop.

Because of this we welcome all types of players - we are not focussed on any particular element - the Conclave comes first and we will support you and your endeavours.

Current Status

Currently, Conclave has not decided what faction it will become a part of - this will come later when all classes have been revealed. We are an EU guild, and will be playing in that timezone.

We are currently recruiting, and look forward to seeing applications.


Our Summary:

* GUILD NAME: Conclave




* AGE GROUP: 18+ (Under 18 in exceptional circumstances)

* LANGUAGE: English

* MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS: We are actively recruiting and hope to have between 20 and 30 members at the point of Beta


- We do not discriminate against gender, age, race or sexuality. If you cannot abide by this you don't belong here
- We are not, however, exclusively "politically correct" - there will be banter, jokes and mischief. Always remember to take them in the spirit that they are intended, and if you do have an issue then deal with it in an adult way
- While we do not discriminate on age, we are reticent to accept players under the age of 18 as we cannot guarantee the topics discussed will always be "family friendly". Please consider this before applying
- While we don't care about E-Peen, you will need a good enough system to enable you to run the game enjoyably.


- Respect for each other and other players
- Created for skilled players with real lives - you don't have to be on 24/7, when you are on you are focussed on supporting your guildmates
- Participate as much as you can, but don't forget Real Life, and respect the commitments of others.
- Enjoy yourself!
- Play hard, laugh harder!


- Built upon tenets of humour, fun and skilled gameplay
- Actively recruiting new members to support this new venture
- Our side will be chosen once all classes are revealed


  • legalis_uklegalis_uk Member Posts: 2

    All the classes have now been revealed, however as recruitment only opened recently we are not in a position to choose what faction - especially as there is still so much more information to come out.

    We've decided to hold off on choosing until we can be sure an informed decision can be made.


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