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Some info on Blitz 1941 - for the curious.

MorpgeusMorpgeus Member UncommonPosts: 59

Hi folk,

I see a rather large amount of completely or at least partially incorrect info about (TwoWar's) MMO Blitzkrieg 1941 on the web. I will not go into names and URL's but suffice to say some peeps went into a skyscraper, got off the elevator on the first floor and without even making it to a window, decided the view was no good.

It is a small client, installing should take about 5 mins (registering included).


1) Free to play, item mall items are not many, YES they do influence your ability on the field (premium tanks; some 10% to 20% temp bufs), NO the difference is not obnoxious, and yes they vary from 'good value for money' to 'why spend it if I can do it for free, given enough time'.

2) This is not an RTS do not let anyone fool you. This is a shooter, not a FPS-type shootah though - it is Tank-RPG action game. It does have RTS elements (conquering a map).

3) There are quite a few different tanks, most names historically accurate, mostly put into level-classes . You can buy and board at least 1 new tank and/or SP/TD at every level you gain - toldya, RPG style!. That is, if you can afford them (mostly, you can).

4) Facts on tanks are hilariously inaccurate at times. The reason is simple: in this type of game where a bunch of Germans fight a bunch of Russians, you do not want accurate stats on each level. You want a reasonable overall balance. It is there (works remarkably well).

5) Stats that are used include shell velocity, armor and armor grade/slope (front side & rear), tank speed, etc. It's not Panzers! or ASL or CC but it's not half bad.

6) There is a strong RPG element to your skills. Most of it is reasonable, some of it conspicuously fantastic (I fail to see how a Sniper Shot can give you extra range, except maybe if your gun barrel gets an erection).

7) Normal XP gives skill points - skills include buffs, offense (even short holds), debuffs, scouting, sneaking (going invis with opponent-skill-check), lots of skills in fact and they come in maximum 3 grades (Supply I, II and III for instance).

8) Military XP (kill enemies - I am not sure if this is the only way to get it but do not worry you will kill hundreds - think 'Kursk' at times; and yes that map exists but I am not high enough yet at level 13) gives you Military Skills, these come in 3 trees: Assault, Scout, Support (I think), each with 3 'paths' or branches.

9) You get VP (Victory Points I guess) for Capturing field elements. The best items you can buy in-game (not item mall) cost VP. Tanks, parts, etc.

10) Field elements include Radio Tower (if your side controls it, those with the right Mil. Skill can check enemy chat for 15 secs; such skills have long reset timers usually), Airfield (Bombs awayyy!), Supply and Armory Depot, and more.

11) Do not run out of shells. Just thought I would mention it before moving onto

12) Here's how it works: make (a max of 4) Tank Commander(s) (only 1 side allowed on one account; can't have Jerries *and* Russki's).

13) Go to town (your Capitol, Moscow or Berlin - no combat here it is your cute little avatar moving about) and visit

14) Ye olde Weapon Shop. Outfit your tank. Bigger tank = more slots. 3 categories of item: Tanks (tanks!), Parts (armor, tracks, whatever), Supplies (expandables including heals etc.). What you can buy depends on your rank, level, and funds.

15) Actually, before you went to the Capital, I think you got a Tutorial. You are a smart person and you took it. Right? Rrrrright.

16) In the capital you now go to the war room (up to 4 vs. 4 players) or, much more likely since it's really what this game is about, the

17) Strategic map where you choose a playing field. All fields have level limits. A few are 1-20 (maxlevel) but believe me a level 3 does not go to unlimited field unless they are curious, suicidal or really dumb (I am all 3).

18) Did you turn off the BGM? I would you know. It is under Configuration.

19) Also turn off Easy Control and make darn sure you sell your silly newbie 'Beginner Aiming' module or whatever it is named; it is helpful in learning the game with but you want to get rid of is ASAP. Junk it.

20) Ok we are on a field. It will list the numbers of peeps there. Do not expect fantastic 2009 graphics. Expect Sudden Strike (part 1) or Blitzkrieg (both from CDV?) type graphics. Pretty well done on the whole but nothing spectacular. This is about driving a tank, not having the fanciest shadows and decals and whatnot.

21) There is no great abundance in fields (maps) really atm but the game is 10 days old and anyway, you want to learn it and there are enough fields to do that. The lower ones are often dominated by the German side but once you hit level 7 you will be in Wien and it will change by the hour, if not by the minute. Half city, half open ground. Dynamic to say the least.

22) You can make a 'group' named a Company - always be in a company if you can. Various benefits. 4 peeps max. Just type /i <playername> and that is an invite sent to whoever you typed (peeps not in Company normally have LFG sign on).

24) There will be many companies on any given map once you hit level 7. I think the max battle-size is 100 on each side. Not seen more than about 35-35 so far and that is busy enough to have oodles of fun and action.

25) When it gets too crowded, they will likely add servers. So far, there is only Rommel.

26) You can be in a Clan. You can make a clan, appoint officers; very basic but it works (we have one named Trackattack).

27) You can have skills you can only do on yourself, but some work on others. Not sure if any only work on Company Members (I think so).

28) I was never much of a PvP'er in MMORPG (although some systems like Ryzom and CoX I liked a lot) but this is a wargame: believe me you will like the human opponents a lot better than the NPC's who just 'patrol' (vehicles) or 'shoot anything in range' (various guns).

29) Does not exist. Except to say they claim the game will get montly updates (I want night scenarios and smoke next, dagnabbit - and more maps).

30) 30 is enough for now. Go give it a shot (all puns intended) and give me a /tell if you are there. I will happily get your started.

31) I really should go and do something useful you know?

32) You can put down a tank obstacle in a spot, and if you are an evil brat like me, you put one next to the one the other guy just put down - blocking the road for a while - because he forgot to get on the right side of the obstacle first :).

33) Or you just lay a mine in the spot where you think someone will try to capture your HQ.

34) Whoever, for each side, has the highest military rank, becomes the Field Commander automagically. This means you get a new bar with 5 options. Each requires (rather high) Rank to use (so at low levels being field commander is pointless). This includes calling up Support, or when your troops are below 45% of field population, sending a Capitol-wide message to all right-level players to get the hell with the program and reinforce your side. Cute...

35) Did I mention airdrops? Fink you have to be A-General for that.

Lucas aka Mir/Mirage/Miracle/Mirovitsj on the Rommel server.

PS Questions on your part? As Hawkeye said: 'Put them on my desk, I'll ignore them in the morning'.

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