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AlysenMinaseAlysenMinase Member Posts: 361

Mabinogi is a unique game that is hard to describe. If your thinking about playing, it's best to download it and try it yourself.

But if your wanting some info on what to expect from Mabinogi, including the good and the bad, read on.

Please note that players who don't pay a monthly fee are penalized, but if you pay $10 for a mount, you can use the pet's inventory as a mobile bank to make up for space and the game is still playable. If you don't want to pay a one time fee of $10 for a mount, then I suggest this game isn't worth playing.


-Great storylines, including cutscenes.

-An aging and rebirth system. All players start at 10-17 years old. Every Saturday, they age 1 year. Each year they get better stats and gain AP, which is used to upgrade skills, until the age of 25. Players can rebirth anytime to reset there age back to 10-17, and there level to 1. There skills stay the same and they can continue there skill building as if a new player.

-Tons of character customization options. 50 hair styles, 40 face parts including eyes, face shape and mouth, over 20 hair colors and 10 skin tones.

-Classless skill based system. Skills are broken into Combat, Magic, and Life skills. Combat includes skills such as Smash, Counter Attack, Critical Hit rate and Windmill. Magic is broken into elemental and healing, and Life skills include harvesting, crafting, and music skills.

-A unique battle system. No sitting there autoattacking playing the timer game. Your skill actually matters.

-Randomly generated dungeons makes it so you never have the same trip twice, and each dungeon ends with a boss battle, each having there own cutscenes.

-In depth crafting system. Crafted items are highly sought after since the player can dye the items a certain color. In Mabinogi, crafted items are just as good as looted items. You can specialize in making weapons, armour, accessories, clothing, potions, food or tools. Fishing is also included.

-What really improves your weapons and armour are upgrading it. This can be done by using Enchant scrolls on the item through magic, getting an NPC to customize it to your taste limiting it's use to you only, infusing your weapon with a Spirit, and socketing gem stones in weapons. This ensures everyone can look how they want, but still be ready for combat.

-Compose your own music and play it in game on a variety of insturments.

-Better NPC's. They can form friendships with the player character, and remember if you've done tasks for them. Depending on if you befriended other NPC's can also change there outlook on you.

-Updated very often, at a steady rate. Just two months ago we got a new volcanic zone that added fossil scavenging, air combat, and tons of skills. 2 months before that we got two new races, new zones, etc.



-Rebirthing requires the player to have an item purchased from the item shop for $8. However, the player get's a free rebirth at age 20, so if the player sets there age at 17 each time, every 3 weeks they can rebirth for free.

-Not very PVP intesive. Players can duel each other for fun, and there is a scheduled Guild Battle every so often. Besides that there are some PVP events, but nothing that has a big impact on the story and such.

-Player's who don't pay $15 a month get's there bank space cut in half, doesn't get birthday presents, and has a harsher death penalty.

-There are no free mounts and pets in the game, they all cost money. Mounts usually are $8-$12, the lower price being slow mounts and the higher ones being flying mounts.

-The game is dated graphics wise.

-There are occasional moments of lag, usually during high traffic time.


I know that was a long post, but if you read through it all give Mabi a try. You suffer no penalties like the harsh death penalty and half bank space until you reach level 30, so it won't hurt to try. 

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  • MushroomusMushroomus Member Posts: 70

    I've been playling this game off and on since its release in North America. It IS free to play if you are willing to live without a mount. Paying just gets you exspensive items like clothing dye, which you really don't need. Mounts aren't needed much in my opinion once you get friends with mounts. The storyline is great. All the exspansions are free and there's almost always a special event going. The combat is different than any other game. It takes real skill to get good. The pvp isn't too great, but Nexon is working to make it better, and so far they have. The graphics are a bit cartoonish and old. Personally I like them better that WoW. The skill system is great. Any character can learn any skill, except for race specific skills. Humans, Elves, and Giants each get their own special couple of skills and huge stat differences, including even running speed. One thing I like is how much the game gets updated. Every few months Nexon is coming out with a new update including huge continents and new skills in each. I hope all this helps decide if you want to play or not. It's a great game, even though you may have to pay small bit of cash to get the full value of it.

  • shardineashardinea Member Posts: 4

     Agreeing with all that's said above, but most people usually comment on Paladins and Dark Knights (human chars).  While those characters are fun, there's also the elves and giants.  Elves and Giants both have specials as well, so game play stays fair.  Just beware, for all of them, there is at least one quest in the mix that requires you to sit around for a good day or two, doing nothing but waiting.  This game requires time, and lots of it.

    ~ Shardinea

  •  I love this game...

      I think a lot of great points were brought up, though. To me, the game is still really fun to play even without paying, because there are effective ways to make a decent amount of money to buy things like dye (my personal favorite <3 <3 <3) or other items that players can get from gachapon. Also, the world is huge, making travelling a hassle if you don't have a mount, and you're travelling alone or with a friend that also doesn't have one.

      The Moon gate and Mana tunnel systems are really helpful, but since moongates change it can, at times when you need to travel back and forth, be totally useless. Also, having at least a couple pets for inventory space or combat allies is really helpful. Ultimately, though, Mabinogi has a lot of great features that I haven't seen brought together in any other MMO, so despite its downfalls, it's still one of my top favorites. Dying clothes ftw! <3

  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    forget ingame graphic setting they are bad use you graphic card setting tho and men you get a very nice game

    i like the style of this game

  • aleosaleos Member UncommonPosts: 1,933

    one of the only games were i actually participated in the Microtransaction aspect. Game was really fun. Combat was like rock paper scissors. loved it.

  • OmrieOmrie Member UncommonPosts: 116

    A fun game (for me at least) to solo in while waiting for Final Fantasy XIV.

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