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adoniskevadoniskev Member Posts: 92

     This is the best F2P mmorpg out right now.  No ands, ifs, or butts.. Nothing right now can touch this games, NOT even AION...yes yes i said it...this game destroys Aion on every level its ridiculous. Some of you might say," Well you cant really tell the first few levels," my response to that, "I have played more games to know a good game in the first few levels."


     While in closed beta I was expecting anything but excellence.  So far I have to say its just a really enjoyable game.  There is really nothing to Troll here about the game.  I am going to break it up for everyone as simple as possible:



     Polished and the art style reminds me of Kingdom Hearts.  It does resemble previous games (shall not mention) but as a whole it does a very good job on keeping you interested as you quest along the land.



    It does not get any simpler than this.  While there aren't as many powers to choose from I am pretty content.  A mage feels like a mage and a healer does what a healer is suppose to do...heal. 


    i have been invited to teams, soloed, asked for help and it seems everyone is up to par, I was not expecting this in a closed beta.  So far so good...


    The ui is perfection, only because you can add addons just like in wow...


     Enter a room and from afar you can hear the captains speaking of plans, orcs telling you to hurry up...the voices are crystal clear another excellent way to immerse you into the game.  The music is wonderful first time I havent listened to my own toons just to hear the characters speak with the dramatic music in the background.



    If you can find a key play will not be dissapointed I assure you.  While I was only able to get to level 10 it is still by far better than any other f2p game out there and thats a fact.   Gone are the days of Runes of Magic horrible character mechanics, Rohans grind fest, Ether Sage micro transactions, Perfect Worlds unending boredom...etc  This game is just great on so many levels and anyone wishing to dispute that will have to dispute agains a gamer who has been there since msdos was a game... no no wait since the cave man painted a controller on its cave wall...



  • zone16zone16 Member Posts: 51

    I can agree with you on 2 things for sure. It's definitely the best free to play MMO and it's definitely better than Aion. I actually wish this also offered subscription servers. It's pretty damn good for a free game.

  • adoniskevadoniskev Member Posts: 92

    And so the flameing and trolling begins....

  • mckimminsmckimmins Member UncommonPosts: 51

    I played this game for a few hours last night and had a total blast. The introduction was very well done and did a good job of immersing you into the world. The graphics in Allods are amazing too. I love the art direction. The second you get out of the intro though it is back to the standard kill X mobs or deliver X item. Hopefully they have more content later in the game similar to the intro. Everything is very responsive and feels very polished so I am impressed so far. Definitely a game I can get lost into for hours. I cannot wait to see what the ships are all about.

    So far I like this game better then I did Runes of Magic. And save yourself the headache of beta testing Alganon. My evening started off in pure frustration with Alganon and then I installed the beta for Allods and had a blast for the next 4 hours. I know it all seems like more of the same but for whatever reason this game hooks you in.

  • RavingRabbidRavingRabbid Member UncommonPosts: 1,168

    Im gonna check this game out! Ty OP!

    (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH raises plunger in salute to OP!)

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